Five Guys Cajun Fries Recipe


Do you know what the best bit about eating at Five Guys is? Aside from juicy burgers, free peanuts, and food made fresh every single day that is?

It’s opening that paper bag and seeing that a ‘small’ cup of Five Guys cajun fries has magically overflowed into the bottom of your bag. Extra bag fries are the best! Especially when they are Five Guys fries!

Cajun fries from Five Guys are not difficult to make. We are going to show you how.

Five Guys’ recipes are well known for using fresh ingredients. So, they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. As everything is made from scratch it affords us the opportunity to be able to make the Five Guys Cajun fries seasoning recipe at home.

So how do we do it? Let’s take a look.

five guys cajun fries

How To Make Five Guys Cajun Fries

Five Guys Cajun fries are great because they don’t require any specialist ingredients or equipment. But what you will need to do is be exact with your ingredients and method of preparation. The good thing is that it is super simple and with the right spices and a small spoon you are good to go.

When it comes to cooking the Cajun fries, you have one of two options. Unfortunately, if you want authentic 5 Guys Cajun fries at home, you are better not to deep fry them. There are two reasons. The Five Guys Cajun fries seasoning will tend to be ‘washed away’ by the hot oil, and secondly, they tend to come out better if each individual fry can cook separately.

So how do you cook them?

We prefer to cook them using the oven. It is really easy to do, you need an oven and a tray. That’s it. If you prefer, you can cook them in an air fryer.

Another thing you’ll want to do, to make your fries exactly like the ones you’ll find on the Five Guys menu, is to prepare your potatoes correctly. You don’t want to peel them. Five Guys Cajun fries are definitely best with the skin on!

You’ll want Cajun fries not Cajun wedges. So, we need to look at how to prepare these.

Don’t worry it’s really easy.

Take your potato and cut it length ways, then place the two halves flat side down. Cut each of these halves into thin slices (about the same thickness as you want your fries to be). Lay your slices down in a line and then cut them again lengthways until you have neat piles of fries. See, we told you it was simple!

Now, the oil is something we want to talk about. You can get away with using any cooking oil, however if you want genuine Five Guys Cajun fries, we strongly recommend using peanut oil. Whilst we won’t say it is as important as the seasoning, if you want your Five Guys fries to taste like the real thing, it makes sense to use exactly the same ingredients.

When you come to make your Five Guys fries in the oven a couple of extra details will make the difference between them being good and being absolutely perfect.

Make sure that your oven tray is big enough to ensure that all of the fries can lie down without touching each other. If you’ve got a smaller oven, use two trays. If the fries are in contact with each other they won’t crisp up and you’ll end up with fries that are toasted on the end and soft in the middle. Not good. So, make sure you give them room!

A lot of the flavor of Five Guys Cajun fries is added just before the very end of the cooking process. So please don’t use all of your seasoning blend right at the beginning. The aim is to cover them in a kind of marinade at the start and then get the fresh taste of all the spices right at the end.

And how do we do that?

We prefer to use about 2/3 of the spice mix at the start of cooking and then we give them another quick ‘spritz and dust’ with the remaining 1/3 of the spice mix at the end.

As a final point, and this one is important, we never ever add our oil directly to the oven tray. If you do, you’ll end up with Five Guys fries that are unevenly cooked. The aim is evenly coating all of the fries in oil, and then Five Guys Cajun seasoning before they go anywhere near the oven. Then, aside from a quick flip or two, you can leave them to do their thing, safe in the knowledge that each one should cook and taste exactly the same.

All clear? Good.

 Let’s delve into our Five Guys Cajun fries recipe.

Five Guys Cajun Fries

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Five Guys undoubtedly make great fries and we’ve got this copycat Five Guys Cajun Fries recipe down to perfection. Follow this recipe and make this yourself at home.


  • 1 large Potato

  • 20 g 20 peanut oil

  • Large pinch of Black Pepper

  • 1 g 1 Dried Chili Flakes

  • 1 tsp 1 white sugar

  • 2 g 2 Smoked Paprika

  • 1 g 1 Kosher Salt

  • 1 g 1 Garlic granules

  • 1 g 1 Onion Powder

  • 1 g 1 Dried Thyme

  • 1 g 1 Dried Oregano


  • Preheat your oven to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wash and dry the potato. Then cut the potato into the size of fries that you desire
  • In a large bowl add the peanut oil, then tip your fries into the bowl. Using your hand or a spoon stir and move the fries around until they are uniformly coated in the oil. Set the bowl aside.
  • In a separate smaller bowl mix all of the spice mix ingredients together until they are thoroughly combined.
  • Using a tablespoon, and little by little, add spoonful’s of spice mix to your bowl of fries, then move them around to coat. Repeat this process until you have about 1/3 of the spice mix left, then arrange the fries on an oven tray or sheet. Place the tray into the oven.
  • Cook the fries for around 30-40 minutes giving them a turn every 8 or so minutes.
  • When the fries have turned deliciously golden remove them from the oven. Then take a small sieve and ‘dust’ the fries with your remaining Five Guys Cajun spice mix.
  • Serve with a sauce of your choosing.


  • If you’re cooking these in the oven then add to a baking sheet and bake at 450ºF for approx. 25 minutes. Continue to toss to ensure the fries are evenly cooked.

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The secret to authentic Five Guys Cajun fries is to ensure an even coating and make sure they have room in the pan to cook evenly, and to reserve some Cajun spice mix to dust your fries at the end. We are sure you will find these Five Guys fries absolutely great; we just hope you aren’t too disappointed that there are none left at the bottom of the bag. Enjoy!

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