Desserts That Start with E


What better way to brighten your day than with a sweet, delicious dessert?

We’ve done our research and found some of the best desserts that start with the letter E. Whether you’re a fan of sugar-coated treats, fruity sweets, or chocolates, you’ll find something on our list that will make your mouth water.

Desserts That Start With the Letter E

If you want to find out some of the best desserts that start with this letter, check our list below. You’ll love it.

14 Desserts That Start With the Letter E

1. Eskimo Pie

This popular ice-cream bar is a creation of Christian K. Nelson, a candy store owner who got the inspiration after a boy couldn’t decide if he wants a chocolate bar or ice cream. So, he merged the two treats into one – the Eskimo Pie.

It’s a vanilla-flavored ice-cream covered in chocolate and wrapped in foil. This ice cream is the first of its kind sold in the US. By 1922, Nelson was selling 1 million Eskimo Pies a day.

2. Eclairs


This delicious oblong pastry is considered a fancy donut. It’s made with choux dough, baked until hollow inside, and filled with sweet vanilla cream. The crisp and puffy baked pastry is dipped in a warm chocolate glaze.

The crispy eclairs are perfectly creamy on the inside and are always served chilled.

3. Eccles Cake

The traditional English pastry called Eccles Cake is made with flaky pastry with butter. This small, round cake packed with currants is one of Britain’s most beloved pastries. 

Some variations of the recipe include spices and candied citrus peel. The delicious, small cake is usually sprinkled with sugar and enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

4. Eggnog


Eggnog, egg milk punch, or milk punch is a popular Christmas beverage made with cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and some alcohol such as whiskey, rum, or brandy.

There is, however, a non-alcoholic version of Eggnog that you can spike it later. You can add some vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon to this rich, sweet beverage for an even better taste. It used to include a lot more alcohol in the past than nowadays.

5. Eggnog Trifle

This is the ultimate party dessert that combines the sweet beverage Eggnog and the most favorite British pudding Trifle.

Eggnog Trifle is made by using Eggnog as one of the trifle’s layers. It’s easy to make and it has a pretty presentation, so it’s perfect for hang-outs and parties. This dessert is served cold from the fridge.

6. Egg Custard

Egg Custard

This classic dessert is sweet and comforting and packed with mild proteins. It has a mild and sophisticated flavor and a creamy texture like pudding. It’s made with eggs, butter, milk, vanilla, sugar, and nutmeg.

What makes it different from puddings is that Egg Custard is baked. It’s an ideal snack for children, but also a great option for dinner parties.

7. Elephant Ears

This fried dough that reminds of an elephant’s ear is topped with cinnamon-sugar or jam. You can usually see it at county fairs, food trucks, carnivals, and theme parks.

Elephant Ears are soft, crispy, unevenly shaped, and much more delicious than they appear to be.

8. Egg Roll Cookies

Egg Roll Cookies or Biscuit Rolls are a Chinese dessert that’s most popular around the holidays but also given as a gift. They are light and crispy and made with specialized pans.

The batter is made of eggs, flour, vanilla, sugar, butter, and things like chocolate chip cookies.

9. English Pudding

English Pudding

English pudding is more like a pastry with filling or cake than a typical pudding. It can be stuffed with dried fruit, treacle, or other sweet or savory ingredients.

10. Empanadas

Empanadas are the perfect, comforting dessert consisting of fried or baked pastry and a sweet filling. It’s most popular in Latin American, Southern European, Philippines, and Indonesian cultures.

Empanadas are a type of hand pie. The very name of the dessert means enbreaded which is coated or wrapped in bread. They can be both sweet and savory.

The dough for sweet empanadas contains sugar, and the filling can be everything from fresh strawberries and mango to bananas and jam. They are often sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. If you decide to make your own empanadas, use your creativity for a unique filling.

11. Earl Grey Ice Cream

This simple yet unique dessert combines Earl Grey tea and ice cream. It’s the best tea to make a no-churn (not cooked on a stove) ice cream like this one. 

The tea-infused ice cream is perfectly creamy and with a strong Earl Gray flavor. It’s not too rich and just enough sweet. You can enjoy it plain or with some Earl Gray tea over the ice cream for a perfect hot and cold dessert in the winter.

12. Edinburgh Rock

This confection originates from Scotland and it differs from the traditional rock. It’s made of water, sugar, cream of tartar, flavorings and colorings. It’s soft and crumbly, shaped into a form of sticks.

13. Entremet

Entremet is a beautiful, complex, and mousse-based cake consisting of multiple layers of various dessert techniques. Each layer has a different and contrasting texture and flavor.

A slice of Entremet reveals mesmerizing layers of all sorts of goodies, from moussey to creamy, from crunchy to caramel, from crispy to cakey, etc.

So, you get all of these beautiful and different tastes and textures in just one bite. Just imagine the combination of raspberry, blackberry, hazelnut, and chocolate. The possibilities are endless.

14. Eton Mess

eton mess

Eton Mess is the ultimate summer dessert that originates from England. It’s a combination of whipped cream, meringue, and strawberries. Modern varieties of the recipe include other types of summer fruit as well.

This creamy, refreshing dessert is said to originate from Eton College, hence the name.


Did you know that there were so many desserts that start with the letter E? Well, these are just fourteen of them, but the list is much longer.

Pick your favorite dessert, find the recipe online, and try to make it at home. Enjoy!

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