Wingstop Ranch Recipe (Copycat Edition)



Wingstop Ranch is quite addictive, and no one can deny that it can be used with so many different food items. But ordering items such as chicken wings to taste it every time has a cost and that is why we are sharing with you the best recipe around so you can prepare it easily at home yourself.


2 Packets of Dry Hidden Valley Ranch 1 1/3 Cup  ofHellman’s Heavy Mayo 1 1/3 Cup of Buttermilk A Pinch of Salt


Firstly, take all these ingredients and place them in a bowl, combine them and then mix them properly.


After mixing, place them into a refrigerator for around 45 minutes to 1 hour.


You can then serve it with different dishes or you can use it for salad dressing either. You will enjoy the taste of this delicious ranch.

Enjoy your wingstop wings with chicken wings, carrots, celery sticks and many other delicious options. This copycat dip is so good.

Copycat Wingstop Ranch

When preparing the Wingstop Ranch, we suggest you go for the main brands only. Typically we use Hellman’s Mayonnaise only. Otherwise, we suggest you go for Duke’s Mayo. As these are the best options for the Ranch preparation due to their taste and texture. 

Wingstop Ranch Recipe (Copycat Edition)