11 Sides For Lasagna



Lasagna is definitely a firm family favorite. And the best thing is that it is really easy to make. Whether you are having a bit of a dinner party or just looking for a quick and easy meal, lasagna is the way to go.

11 Sides for Lasagna

Leafy Salads

Fresh Tomato and Feta

Buffalo Wings


Sweet Carrots

Bread Sticks

Garlic Roasted Broccoli

11 Sides for Lasagna

Roast Vegetables

Baked Tomatoes

Garlic Bread

Caesar Salad


Leafy Salads

The choice of salads is up to you and there is plenty to choose from, regular iceberg lettuce is nice enough, but to add a touch of class why not mix it up?


Fresh Tomato and Feta

This is an easy side to make at short notice. Just slice some small cherry tomatoes into quarters and add a handful of roughly cubed feta cheese. If you want to add another layer of savory flavor then throw in some really thin slices of sweet red onion.


Buffalo Wings

Individual wings are small enough that they won’t be too filling. However, they are interesting enough that they will provide a welcome distraction from lashings of cheese and tomato sauce.

The key to making the best side for lasagna is to pick flavors that either go alongside those already existing in the dish, such as tomatoes, garlic, cheese and fresh herbs, or alternatively pick something that provides a counterpoint, like a slight acidity or sweetness.

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