15 Leftover Salmon Recipes



We’ve assembled a list of 15 leftover salmon recipes. Most are pretty easy to make, and they are all really tasty!

15 Leftover Salmon Recipes

1. Salmon Cakes 2. Salmon Dip 3. Salmon and Egg Scramble 4. Dill Salmon Sandwiches 5. Salmon Souffle

15 Leftover Salmon Recipes

 6. Salmon Niçoise 7. Salmon Quiche 8. Salmon Pasta Salad  9. Fish Pie  10. Salmon Chowder

15 Leftover Salmon Recipes

11. Salmon Caesar 12. Salmon Spring Rolls 13. Salmon Sushi Rolls 14. Salmon Fried Rice 15. Leftover Salmon Pasta


Salmon Cakes

The salmon makes up the majority of the patty. We combine it with a subtle mix of chopped peppers, onions and coat the entire cake in a thin layer of crisp and tasty panko breadcrumbs.


Salmon Dip

This is the ideal side dish for a summer barbecue. And the best bit… (Aside from it being seriously tasty?) is that you’ll be able to whip up a batch in a little over 10 minutes! This dish combines luscious cream cheese with a little lemon juice, some finely sliced onions, and a little bit of chili heat (optional).


Salmon and Egg Scramble

Salmon and eggs aren’t exactly a secret recipe. You’ll normally find scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in posh deli-style breakfast bars. Don’t worry if you’ve left it a little late. This dish is great as a midday snack or even as a light dinner too!

They almost make it worth it to always make too much salmon, but if not, don’t worry about using the canned stuff. It tastes nearly as good.

15 Leftover Salmon Recipes

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