11 Best Sides For Burgers



There is nothing better in this world than a thick, juicy and flavorful burger with a side dish of salty fries. But this can get repetitive and boring. So, today we will look at other side dishes for burgers that the whole family will love!

11 Best Sides For Burgers

Potato Fries

Onion Rings

Sweet potato fries


Roasted Vegetables

11 Best Sides For Burgers

Baked beans

Chargrilled corn on the cob

Macaroni and cheese

Jalapeno poppers

Stuffed mushrooms



Potato Fries

Potatoes are the perfect food because they have a very neutral flavor that will not overpower the main dish, yet will still add to the entire meal.


Onion Rings

They are onion slices that are covered in flour or batter and deep-fried to create a crispy, juicy and salty-sweet side dish. Onion rings can be any size; some establishments even deep-fry a whole onion!


Sweet Potato Fries

This very clever trend has been around for decades before becoming main-stream. The idea was to have an accompaniment, similar to potato fries, but with a much lower carb-content.

They are very versatile so you can choose whatever suits your mood for the day or even the occasion. They are all quick and easy and will impress your friends at the next barbeque. Next time you’re asked about what to serve with hamburgers, you’ll know.

11 Best Sides For Burgers

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