Pro Cookie Maker Giveaway (10 Prizes)


We’ve got another giveaway up for grabs, however this time we’re giving 10 away to our lucky readers! With more prizes we’ll have plenty more winners. Ten lucky winners are going to be owners of this amazing pro cookie maker that will have you impressing your family and friends in no time. These sell over on our store for $24.97. But for 10 lucky winners, we’ll be giving you one of these for free. Entering is really simple and we have listed the directions to follow down below.

Deadline: March 14th, 2020 at 11.59pm EST.

pro cookie maker

What Do I Need To Do To Enter This Giveaway?

As mentioned, entering this giveaway is simple. You need to add your email and sign up to the giveaway to create a single entry. We then have multiple ways you can increase this yourself. With so many ways to enter, you’ll be in with a better chance of scoring yourself a pro cookie maker. We will be announcing the 10 winners of this giveaway on the 15th March 2020 and each will receive an email. So what are you waiting for? Get your entries into today.

Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 10 winners who will all be contacted by email. Play the video below to see if you were 1 of the lucky 10.

If you weren’t one of the lucky 10 winners, I’ve a special surprise. Use discount code 20OFF for 20% off everything including the pro cookie maker on our store today. That’s in addition to our already discounted price of 60% off. (While stock lasts)

Get Your own Pro Cookie Maker Today with 20% off (Use 20OFF at Checkout)

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See it in Action

What Makes This Pro Cookie Maker So Special?

  • You’ll be able to prepare cookies with simplicity and speed.
  • Perfect for decorating bowls, desserts, sandwiches, canapés etc
  • Makes baking really fun and quick, convenient for people new or experienced in baking.
  • Enjoy being able to make 1000 different cookies using various molds
  • The Pro Cookie Maker is made of anodized aluminum meaning there will be no residue left in the dough. 
  • A full cookie maker enables you to make up to 25 large cookies or you can make 40 smaller cookies
  • This is really safe, easy to use and clean
  • Make perfectly shaped cookies everytime.

Package includes:
Here’s what you get if you’re the lucky winner of this prize.

  • 1 x Biscuit Machine 
  • 4 x Nozzles 
  • 20 x Molds

Can I Buy This?

Yes! If you would like to buy this you can use discount code: 10OFF for 10% off at our store. We also have a wide range of other products available on the store that can be useful in your everyday household.



  1. Kathleen Fleitz

    This would make a wonderful present for a neighbor of mine who makes cookies for me often.

  2. Carolyn Benson

    I would love one of these I make cookies for my grand children and family frequently

  3. My granddaughter is 11.She would love this when she makes cookies.

  4. Dale Steele Nicolov

    This would be great to make cookies for everyone I love.

  5. George Meek

    I would enjoy donating the cookie maker to a local soup kitchen who serve the needy.

  6. George Meek

    I’m a COOKIE MONSTER so this cookie maker would be welcomed in my home..

  7. Linda Lockerman

    Would love to win. Need one of these. Good luck everyone.

  8. Donnie Johnson

    My Daughter would love this, she could make fancy cookies for her grandkids.

  9. Karen Hairston

    This would be great to try when cooking with my grandsons ‘.

  10. Debra Earll

    This would be fun for my granddaughter.

  11. Emma R Galindo

    My grandkids would be very happy with these cookies!

  12. Ellie Zucchiatti

    I would really like to have a better way to make pretty and uniform cookies.

  13. I’d be delighted to win this cookie cutter. Would make baking nights fun for my daughter and I.

  14. Sandy Lail

    3 more entries please

  15. Constance Tackett

    I’m always baking cookie for my family and my 8 yr old great grand daughter Aubrey loves helping me She loves to decorate them. Would love this for her

  16. Beverly Metcalf

    Those cookies look really good. I would love a cookie maker. Thanks!

  17. Judie Farris

    This would make a great goodie for me!! I’m a baker. At home, not for money or even professional, but I love to bake!!! My gang of grandkids love it so I bake. Thank you for the opportunity

  18. Mary Carter

    I looked at the video with winners names but most of it is unreadable so I have no idea if I won or not??

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